Message from the Chair

My name is Dr. Daniel LeClair, Chair of Boston University’s Master of Criminal Justice Program. I am writing with the purpose of identifying outstanding individuals who may be candidates for our online MCJ program. The aim of our program is to provide an intensive academic experience for individuals interested in academic criminology and the Criminal Justice profession. This online program gives you the opportunity to earn your master’s degree from one of America’s preeminent universities.

The program has become the largest online Master of Criminal Justice program nationwide. We have attracted over 1,000 outstanding students and professionals from the FBI, CIA, Military Intelligence, and law enforcement agencies across the world. The student population represents 44 states and many countries including Singapore, Taipei, Canada, Puerto Rico, Switzerland and South Korea.

Some students in the program are already in leadership positions such as police chiefs and directors of law enforcement agencies. These individuals are looking to expand their influence. Some have entered our MCJ program as a way to help take their careers to the next level. Others are looking to combine their work experience with the academic standing of a master’s degree from BU in order to teach in higher education.

Today’s technological advancements coupled with the world’s current focus on the field of Criminal Justice have created many new positions that were not available when you began your career. This program prepares professionals like you to enter new areas of management or specialized units of law enforcement.

This program is not for everyone. It takes commitment, hard work, and a strong desire to succeed. The revolutionary online program is designed to accommodate your demanding work and home-life schedule.

Program highlights:

Online learning has many benefits and advantages:

  • Pursue career advancing opportunities while you continue working
  • Enjoy the benefits of a master’s degree in as few as 20 months, taking a total of 10 courses
  • Take one 7-week course at a time
  • Learn anywhere, anytime, with 7-day-a-week, 365 days a year technical support
  • Experience stimulating courses designed specifically for the internet
  • Interact with fellow students and faculty no matter where you are

In the spring of 2004, our students were the first class to graduate from the online program. They joined the on-campus students at the same commencement ceremony and received the same Master of Criminal Justice degree as if they had been sitting in a classroom taking courses on the Boston University campus. As a student in the online MCJ program, you will personally benefit from this interactive program and the impact of newfound knowledge on communities, and the nation as a whole, will be invaluable.

Since 2004, cohorts of students have continuously graduated from our program. Many of these students have advanced their studies in law school and PhD programs. The program blends your professional experience with scholarly achievement to give you the knowledge and skills that set you apart from others in the field.

We’re committed to helping you succeed. For those who want to be leaders, we will help you unleash your full potential.


If you have questions regarding the program or need assistance completing the program application, our Enrollment Advisors are ready to help you. We look forward to having you join the program!


Best Regards,

Daniel P. LeClair, PhD
Professor and Chair
Boston University Metropolitan College
Department of Applied Social Sciences

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