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“My education at Boston University/Metropolitan College was a wonderful experience. I am excited about my newly earned Master of Criminal Justice degree and eagerly welcome the opportunity to utilize it in my search for a new position in the criminal justice field. As for the BU program I was enrolled in, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The classes were challenging, but never so much that it was too difficult to complete class requirements, work at my job, and take care of my family. The MET CJ program truly is designed for the continuing adult student.”

~ Michelle Mastrorocco, Master of Criminal Justice Graduate


“My experience at BU has been exceptionally great, and I will miss the courses. I was impressed with how well the distance learning program operated.  However, my overall experience at BU was incredible and I enjoyed my time in the classes. I would highly recommend the online program at BU to anyone.”

~ Matt Sipes, Master of Criminal Justice Graduate


“I am benefiting greatly from the opportunity to pursue graduate level criminal justice studies at such a prestigious institution as Boston University. I have taken courses at Boston University both in residence as well as online. The online courses have every bit of the quality and intensity as the courses offered on campus. I am taking advantage of this opportunity to develop academic peer relationships with executive level administrators in local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. After completing this program, I will have the ability to lead as a change agent to pursue policies and programs with the confidence of sound research support learned from an intensive graduate level study in criminal justice.”

~ Calvin Chang, Master of Criminal Justice Graduate


“I wanted to let you know again that this was one of the best classes. The way it was structured allowed for me to live somewhat of a normal life beyond work. I did not feel pressured to complete an assignment every day and I was able to get ahead if I wanted to take a little extra time off.

I hope that you pass along all my praises to the instructor and the facilitator. I hope that most if not all of the future classes are structured this way. It makes the learning experience so much more enjoyable.

I had my doubts about staying in the program after all the time I had to devote to school work after the first class (statistics). After this class, I have no doubts at all. I really enjoy this program. Thank you again.”

~Heidi Weeks, Master of Criminal Justice Graduate


“I want to thank you for your hard work and dedication to this program. I have been very pleased with the level of support you and the rest of the team have provided. I am eager to continue my learning with the next class.

“My group in the White Collar Crime class was the first to enroll in this program, and that is definitely a unique bonus that I was not expecting. It’s kind of nice being the “pioneers.” I again want to commend Boston University and you for working with us to bring us this program. Thanks again for everything.”

~John Landfair, Master of Criminal Justice Graduate


“My name is John Montgomery; I am employed as a Police Officer with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, located in Charlotte, North Carolina.”

“I’m currently enrolled in the Master of Science in Criminal Justice/Distance Learning Program, at Boston University. I’ve almost completed my first course, “White Collar Crime”.

This is my first attempt at taking a college course on the internet. I had no idea what to expect. I still had the first day jitters of starting class, as in a conventional classroom. Seriously, the course content is very well organized and the support staff and the facilitator are very much involved. Professor Leclair prepares the lecture materials very well. The work load is very demanding, but you get a sincere feeling of accomplishment upon completing each assignment. I am very pleased with this program and look forward to the challenges ahead.”

~ John C. Montgomery, Master of Criminal Justice Graduate


“In 1963, I heard Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. When I discovered that one of the institutions he attended was Boston University, I said to my mom, “One day I am going to that school.” And she said, “Mm-hmm, you are dreaming!”

I moved from Memphis. I got a job with the Boston Police Department. I started taking classes at BU in 1991, and I kept coming back year after year. It never occurred to me that I would one day hold a degree from this prestigious university. In January 2008, I was promoted to Community Service Officer.

I think my degree in Criminal Justice from BU was instrumental in me getting this position-it opened a window of opportunity for me. My dream career is to work with at-risk youth. My dream was to get an education from Boston University. I am living my dream. This has been an amazing journey for me.”

~Annie Wilcox, Master of Criminal Justice Graduate


“BU offers an excellent criminal justice program, particularly for those who are in the field. I was very excited to have the opportunity to apply almost every course to my job. From Research Methods to Forensic Behavioral Analysis, I feel that my job performance has significantly improved due to this program. These courses have sparked new research topics and have given me a greater appreciation of the complex dynamics that surround the inmate population.”

~Emily Parsons, Master of Criminal Justice Graduate


“Metropolitan College’s Criminal Justice program gave me a strong foundation in the academic side of criminal justice, and exposed me to invaluable practical knowledge through the eyes of my classmates who work in all areas of law enforcement. Boston University’s diversity, international reputation, and excellent faculty prepared me for my doctoral studies in criminology and my focus on cyber-crime.”

~Kyung-shick Choi, Master of Criminal Justice Graduate


“The program has been amazing for me! I am currently in my 8th class, and while it has been very challenging; the professors, facilitators and classmates have made it a fantastic learning environment. Living in Los Angeles, I am a stay-at-home mom of a 2-year-old little boy who is extremely active, and one of the greatest aspects of the program was that I could complete the classes from the comfort of my home on my schedule (of course within the confines of the class schedule) which saved money on daycare, as well as provided an opportunity to advance my education. The brilliance behind BU’s online MCJ is that allows for individuals with busy lives to further their education from a great school without the disruption of physically going to class, so it does not interfere with work schedules or personal schedules. Another advantage of the program is that it is one class at a time, albeit a 7-week intensive course, but the concentration was solely on that class, rather than having to split focus between several classes. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience in the MCJ program at Boston University and am looking forward to what the future holds when I graduate!”

~Kimberly Morris, Master of Criminal Justice Student

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