Why Choose Boston University?

  • A Robust Criminal Justice Immersion
    This is not your average criminal justice program. This is an immersive experience that could only be delivered by Boston University. When you combine BU’s innovative learning platform with the robust MCJ curriculum, it creates extraordinary opportunities for engagement, networking, and in-depth knowledge sharing. It’s a collaborative experience that’s further enriched by the diversity of students, who come from communities and occupations worldwide. The breadth of subject matter also inspires a different level of thought, and strives to graduate a criminal justice leader who is versatile and willing to champion change. Be one.
  • Commitment to Quality
    Boston University has been offering distance education for over a decade. In fact, the MCJ program was BU’s first fully online program. Today, we remain under the leadership of dynamic faculty with considerable research and field experience. The quality of students we teach, how we teach, and what we teach differentiates this program. Our full-time faculty members teach both online and on campus, giving students the same quality experience regardless of delivery mode. To match the level of instruction on campus, Metropolitan College and the faculty continually invest in distance learning, course design, educational technology, and updating course content.
  • Continuous Professional Learning Model
    Leadership is not a person. It’s a learning process. The MCJ program is for motivated individuals who are encouraged to adopt a mindset of continual education and professional improvement. Beyond earning your degree, we want you to become a consumer of knowledge, someone who understands the importance of ongoing learning through industry periodicals, the latest research, and current events.
  • Uniquely BU Community
    There are many distinctive traits of Boston University. But perhaps what we’re most proud about is our unrelenting focus on community. We are committed to ensuring our students, online and on campus, always feel welcome and united—because what really makes us unique, is you.
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