Dr. Shea Cronin Provides Insight into Police Relations with Communities of Color

In an interview with the Boston Globe, Dr. Shea Cronin, assistant professor of criminal justice at Boston University, said that shared fear between law enforcement and black communities threatens to escalate already tense interactions.

“This is an incredibly challenging time in law enforcement. Relationships with communities of color have been frayed for a long time,” said Cronin. “Law enforcement has always operated under the assumption that they work in risky positions, and they are always in danger. [High-profile police shootings of black men] exacerbate it.”

Cronin recommends that law enforcement leaders strive to build community trust based in fair and accountable practices.

“We know from research that when officers hold very distrustful views of the community, when they’re more cynical … they tend to have more complaints against them,” Cronin said.

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