The New York Times Spotlights MCJ Graduate

The New York Times Spotlights MCJ Graduate and Police Chief Leonard Campanello

Master of Criminal Justice graduate Leonard Campanello is gaining attention for policies he has implemented to battle the growing drug problem in the North Shore area of Massachusetts. His “Angel” program serves as an alternative to prison for drug addicts who willingly receive treatment. The initiative treats addiction as a disease instead of a crime. Fifty-six police departments in 17 states have adopted the “Angel” model.

The Gloucester police chief and his unique approach to fighting addiction has gained more attention after a profile on his exemplary service was published by the New York Times.
“I know it’s successful,” Campanello said of the program in the interview. “And I know we’re saving lives.”

The NY Times spotlight details the program’s achievements and challenges. It also shares Campanello’s background and forward-thinking perspective on law enforcement. Read the full article here.