Danielle Rousseau – MCJ Program

Boston University’s Metropolitan College Master’s of Criminal Justice is really a unique program and I think an exciting one. One of the strengths of the program as I see it is the practical experience that the faculty brings to the table.

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Danielle Rousseau – Faculty

Hi, my name is Danielle Rousseau and I am an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at Boston University Metropolitan College. My area of expertise surrounds the intersection of criminal justice and mental health, particularly forensic mental health and forensic psychology.

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Danielle Rousseau – Trauma and Crisis Intervention Course

Trauma and Crisis Intervention is an elective that engages the topic of trauma in a variety of important ways, particularly related to the field of criminal justice. The approach is really a balance between theoretical and very practical applications that really sits at the intersection of criminal justice and mental health.

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Mary Ellen Mastrorilli – MCJ Program

Transcript There are some very exciting things happening in the criminal justice department now at Boston University. We are beginning to develop courses based on faculty expertise. I am very passionate about criminal justice leadership and administration. I’m now beginning to do some work on developing some courses that will expand our course offerings in […]

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Mary Ellen Mastrorilli – Strategic Management Concentration

Transcript Boston University’s Metropolitan College recently introduced a new concentration and certificate entitled “Strategic Management in Criminal Justice.” The rationale behind creating the Strategic Management in Criminal Justice certificate and concentration really goes back to the fact that in criminal justice, we can no longer do business the way we’ve been doing it. We all […]

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Kyung-shick Choi – Cybercrime Investigation & Cybersecurity Concentration

Transcript The Cybercrime Investigation and Cybersecurity Certificate and Concentration allows students to develop competency and practical knowledge in and capacity to work with issues of cybercrime. Although many universities are focusing on cybersecurity issues, very few programs offer an interdisciplinary approach in combining criminal justice and cybersecurity, which is crucial to minimize the incidence of […]

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Kyung-shick Choi – Faculty

Transcript My name is Kyung-shick Choi. My substantive area of study is cybercriminology, which focuses on how human behavior and technology interact with the criminal justice system. I’m fascinated with understanding cybercrime issues so that I can formulate a diagnosis of cybercriminal behavior. It is a challenging area of study, which has sparked my curiosity […]

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Mary Ellen Mastrorilli – Faculty

Transcript My name is Mary Ellen Mastrorilli and my areas of expertise are studying the female offender, prison organizations as well as offender re-entry. Prior to coming to Boston University I worked in the prison system for 24 years. I retired as the Superintendent of Community Corrections for the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department which is […]

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Robert Cadigan – Faculty

Transcript My name is Bob Cadigan and I am Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Social Sciences. I teach courses in Terrorism and Analytical methods. My passion actually started way back when I was in graduate school here at Boston University in the Department of Sociology. When I became involved with the Law Enforcement […]

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Shea W. Cronin – Faculty

Transcript Hi, I’m Shea Cronin. I’m a professor of Criminal Justice at Boston University, and my main area of interest is in the administration of justice, and I specifically study police organizations, police strategies, and evaluate public policies and programs. The ways in which our criminal justice system responds to crime raises very important questions […]

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