Danielle Rousseau - Faculty


Hi, my name is Danielle Rousseau and I am an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at Boston University Metropolitan College. My area of expertise surrounds the intersection of criminal justice and mental health, particularly forensic mental health and forensic psychology. So after I graduated my undergraduate, I did a year of service with AmeriCorps and through that and following that decided I really wanted to work in the fields of both psychology but also law. So went on to graduate school in clinical forensic psychology, where I studied in that area and became a licensed therapist.

So after that point, I went on to work directly in the field and also teach in that area. So really looking to share that kind of experience, both my practical clinical work, as well as my research in social justice.

I love teaching and particularly in this field because, you know, we’re working with people who are actively involved in these systems, in the criminal justice system, and working in the field and it’s so great to see students bringing their own experiences into the classroom, talking about the work they’re doing in the field, and, you know, making the connections. Like not only being able to engage in this important critical analysis, but being able to tie it into the work they do everyday and that’s really exciting.