Kyung-shick Choi - Cybercrime Investigation & Cybersecurity Concentration


The Cybercrime Investigation and Cybersecurity Certificate and Concentration allows students to develop competency and practical knowledge in and capacity to work with issues of cybercrime.

Although many universities are focusing on cybersecurity issues, very few programs offer an interdisciplinary approach in combining criminal justice and cybersecurity, which is crucial to minimize the incidence of cybercrime.

Attaining proper cybercrime-related training is extremely difficult due to busy schedules of law enforcement officers or IT personnel. But this program is offered online, so they can conveniently take the course and they can easily complete it.

Cybercrime is a challenging field of study, but opens the path to great potential. If you are working in law enforcement or IT-related field, and are fascinated about technology, and willing to learn new things, you can make a difference with your determination.