Kyung-shick Choi - Faculty


My name is Kyung-shick Choi. My substantive area of study is cybercriminology, which focuses on how human behavior and technology interact with the criminal justice system.

I’m fascinated with understanding cybercrime issues so that I can formulate a diagnosis of cybercriminal behavior. It is a challenging area of study, which has sparked my curiosity all the time.

I recently presented at the International Symposium on Cybercrime Response in South Korea. My presentation focused on law enforcement challenges on darknet issues. I also discussed the contemporary online drug market operation Silk Road case.

I will be publishing the new book Cybercriminology and Digital Investigation. It aims to build a bridge between cybercriminology perspective and cybercrime-related disciplines.

My passion of studying cybercrime always energizes my teaching, I think, so that I can effectively deliver contemporary cybercrime issues and knowledge to students. I really hope that students are able to recognize my passion and connect the coursework to their field experience.