Robert Cadigan - Faculty


My name is Bob Cadigan and I am Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Social Sciences. I teach courses in Terrorism and Analytical methods. My passion actually started way back when I was in graduate school here at Boston University in the Department of Sociology.

When I became involved with the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration. We were interested in looking at alternatives to criminal justice treatment for a number of different conditions and situations and to free-up criminal justice resources for other more serious types of offenses.

I worked in setting up the first detoxification centers here in Massachusetts. Providing services to people who were coming out of prisons, both state and federal prisons, and reintegrating into the community. More recently, I have been doing some research on public responses to terrorist incidents. Looking at the ways in which every-day people try to “make sense” out of terrorism. What brought me to teaching, I would have to say initially, was the opportunity to use what I was learning in graduate school and to be able to bring some of the specific experiences I was having in the field back into the classroom.