Shea W. Cronin - Faculty


Hi, I’m Shea Cronin. I’m a professor of Criminal Justice at Boston University, and my main area of interest is in the administration of justice, and I specifically study police organizations, police strategies, and evaluate public policies and programs.

The ways in which our criminal justice system responds to crime raises very important questions about fairness and responsiveness. It’s important to me because I think that the stakes are very high around these kinds of issues, and you see that in the news almost every day, but particularly now.

There’s not a semester where we’re not talking about current events, that are really just emblematic of broader and deeper kinds of questions that we’ve seen throughout history in the policing field.

Early on in my graduate career I realized that teaching was something that was very important to me, that I really valued working with students. I get a lot out of working with students on a day to day basis, helping them to develop a set of skills to analyze and evaluate any kind of issue connected to the criminal justice system.