The Reality of Learning from a Professional Faculty

In reality, life’s most pressing situations are never black and white. That’s why the best criminal justice leaders discover meaningful insights in the gray.  This is how our faculty teaches you to think, lead, and drive real change. Our faculty knows from experience that an informed intuition can create the most effective solutions.

The MCJ faculty helps career-oriented individuals broaden their knowledge, prepare for advancement, and build lasting professional relationships. Choose BU and learn to make a critical difference in departments, agencies, and organizations. To develop the mindset of a national criminal justice leader, start by learning from the leaders below.

Daniel P. LeClair

As Professor and Chair of Applied Social Sciences, Daniel P. LeClair launched the first MCJ online program a decade ago and remains at the helm. Learn why.

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Danielle M. Rousseau

Dr. Rousseau is an award-winning researcher who has made significant contributions to the field, particularly in the areas of forensic mental health, corrections, and trauma services.

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Francis J. Carney

Dr. Carney is an executive director in the Massachusetts criminal justice system and has been actively involved in teaching for over three decades.

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Kyung-shick Choi

As cybercrime program coordinator at Boston University’s Metropolitan College, Dr. Choi designed and will oversee the master’s concentration and certificate in Cybercrime Investigation and Cybersecurity.

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Mary Ellen Mastrorilli

With over two decades of leadership experience, Dr. Mastrorilli is a nationally recognized and award-winning professional in the field of criminal justice.

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Robert Cadigan

As Associate Professor of Applied Social Sciences, Dr. Cadigan brings extensive director-level expertise and varied research interests to the learning experience.

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Shea W. Cronin

As Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, Dr. Cronin is a researcher and published author who teaches both online and on campus at BU.

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