Kimberly Morris

“The program has been amazing for me! I am currently in my 8th class, and while it has been very challenging; the professors, facilitators and classmates have made it a fantastic learning environment. Living in Los Angeles, I am a stay-at-home mom of a 2-year-old little boy who is extremely active, and one of the greatest aspects of the program was that I could complete the classes from the comfort of my home on my schedule (of course within the confines of the class schedule) which saved money on daycare, as well as provided an opportunity to advance my education. The brilliance behind BU’s online MCJ is that allows for individuals with busy lives to further their education from a great school without the disruption of physically going to class, so it does not interfere with work schedules or personal schedules. Another advantage of the program is that it is one class at a time, albeit a 7-week intensive course, but the concentration was solely on that class, rather than having to split focus between several classes. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience in the MCJ program at Boston University and am looking forward to what the future holds when I graduate!”

Kimberly Morris


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